Jul. 3rd, 2017 08:21 pm

Not Okay.

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Pretty sure my family did not think 'Send her to Xavier's, she'll learn to fight giant spiders' when they had Wade bring me here.

In other words, someone needs to update the marketing video. I mean, Prof. Xavier had hair in the thing I saw, so probably about time anyhow.
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Why can't we call in a swat team to one of these assholes houses?
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Haven't felt this good since the trail walk. Keep it up, people.

Rahne, ignore Xavin. They only think they're funny.
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Tumblr gifted me an interesting thing:


Go. Play. Bring me back interesting things in return.

I even found the perfect thing to put on the front door of the suite.

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When images of things like this make you wonder if some magic weirdness is going on.

Image cut )
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There's been some talk on the Discord chat about holding a sit in at school to show our support for mutants and immigrants in general.

Did anyone here want to join? I'm going, obviously.
Apr. 29th, 2017 01:03 pm


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It's like all my birthdays come at once. Rich kids sobbing over cheese sandwiches is my jam.
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Tell me again about the peace and love doctrine. Go ahead, I dare you.
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A tribe called Red. You guys should really get to know them. I can't 'listen' to most music because dah, but these guys have great beats.
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Any suggestions? I mean, I was looking at retail and then I realised that all I need was my anger management issues leading me to 'problems' with the local law enforcement.

I was thinking maybe something like clerical work? Or maybe janitorial? I don't know, something that pays me money and has flexible hours so I don't get behind on my school work and can still do cheerleading.

Any ideas?
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The organizers are still arguing with each other over what date to move it to, and whether it should even go ahead given the whole Avengers thing.

Nothing like seeing adults arguing with each other and being stupid to make a girl feel like it's all under control.

There's a few people even talking about excluding mutants. Like that would somehow make it better. Idiots.
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There's a protest on the weekend I want to go to but since I'm still a minor and Wade's busy I need an adult to take me. Any volunteers?
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Wish I could have been there. Still, there is spirit. Did anyone else end up going?
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Given the day, I've decided to go visit some art museums and maybe do some dance practice later tonight. Anyone want to join me? I'm not much of a choreographer yet, but I've been wanting to work on some compositions. Sometimes it helps to get the anger and despair out in dance form rather than punching my fist into a wall.
Jan. 3rd, 2017 12:28 pm

So, um...

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Adults? Seems like there's a lot of death in New York right now. Don't we have people who deal with this sort of thing?
Dec. 25th, 2016 12:48 pm


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Of course the cop got off. Not like you couldn't have seen that decision a mile off.
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